We want martial arts clubs of all styles to ensure that they welcome LBGTQIA+ people and to ensure they promote equality within classes.

We want Dojo in which everyone feels safe and is confident to be themselves.

This site started in Manchester England and we are immensely grateful for the opportunity to engage clubs and students from across the globe in ensuring that martial arts are LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Martial arts come from all continents and involve a wide range of techniques including striking, throwing, locking, wrestling and a variety of weapons. Many teach ancient techniques and modern self defence and encompass a variety of approaches to movement.

Village Dojo started with Ikiyōyō-Ryu Jujutsu club in 2011 below Taurus Bar Canal Street. There have been a number of martial arts clubs operating in the Gay Village Manchester including Manchester Karate at the LBGT Foundation. We aim to promote inclusion and accessibility with all schools.

We welcome martial arts clubs that serve the LGBTQIA+ community to support each other in promoting participation.