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Muay Thai Ally

Challenging perceptions of Muay Thai Boxing as a macho unwelcoming environment Kru Rick Lewis (Double British and double North West Champion, Phoenix Muay Thai) was furious when he heard about the homophobia that a student has endured at another gym. He is committed to LGBTQ+ inclusion and made a rare and powerful statement online.

After thanking the person who recommended Phoenix Muay Thai as a safe place to train he wrote:

The Muay Thai community should be based on respect and tolerance. Muay Thai come from the leading place for trans people in the world.

If any of our members express any hostility to any member of the LGBT community you will be asked to leave.

Rest assured that is one kick you would want to avoid if you were kicked out! Great to know that he will ensure his gym is safe for all LGBTQ+ people.

This happened in January 2021! A strong reminder for everyone that we need to work harder to promote LBGTQ+ inclusion and celebration in martial arts.

Karate-do and it's impact on my life Robert Remington

Published in the Shotokan Times

Karate-Do and It's Impact on My Life.pdf